Dental Procedures Can Be Done Painlessly With These Light Sedation Dentistry Options

Compared to other degrees of sedation, light sedation dentistry has fewer complications and is cheaper, which is why you’re more likely to see it. It’s an interesting dentistry form because you’re not really awake, but you haven’t been put into an induced sleep. It’s a state of mental comfort and total relaxation without the ability to feel pain. The following three methods are ways that light sedation might be administered to you by your dentist on a future visit.

Dental care and daily hygiene are necessary for our teeth to always stay clean and healthy. A trip to the dentist will be necessary for routine cleanings, and other more involved procedures, such as root canals and fillings. This might trigger painful memories from the past and make you not want to go to the dentist at all.

There’s no need to let these fears prevent you from seeing the dentist, as you can safely have dental procedures performed without feeling any pain. You can relax throughout your entire dentist visit because of the advanced sedation techniques that may be used. The experience will be so relaxing that it may only be a vague memory when it’s all over.

Light Sedation Dentistry Using Inhalation

One method of performing light sedation dentistry involved using laughing gas, the common name for a gas known as nitrous oxide. This safe gas will sedate you for a dental procedure, but you won’t actually be laughing while it’s happening. The gas is an inexpensive one, and there isn’t any complicated machinery that is used to administer it, which explains why it’s the cheapest sedation method. Anyone who may be just a little anxious about going to the dentist will benefit from this method.

Light Sedation Dentistry Using An Oral Ingestion

Oral ingestion is another method of light sedation. It involves being sedated by ingesting a pill before a dental procedure begins. Your dentist will determine how much of a dose will be needed for your procedure, and this dosage amount will affect your level of relaxation. Although drowsiness will set in after taking the pill, you won’t be in a sleep state. Mild anxiety before a dental procedure can be taken care of with this form of sedation. A sedation person may have trouble getting home on their own, which is why a helpful companion is recommended.

Light Sedation Dentistry Using An IV Injection

The final light sedation method is an IV injection, and it has a higher potency than the others. Through an IV injection, an anti-anxiety drug is administered before a procedure. Although it is potent, it’s still weaker than general anesthesia, and you’ll be able to have vague memories of the procedure, even though you’ll be sedated. Since the drug enters the body intravenously, it acts pretty fast. People who have serious anxiety problems are often given this form of light sedation.

In comparison to general anesthesia, light sedation dentistry is a lot cheaper and still just as safe. You can come to us if you want to have the best dental treatments done with light sedation dentistry. The Dallas Cowboys even trust our dental skills. We can satisfy them, and we can satisfy you too.