When you say dentures, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is those prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth. In fact, for years, the word denture was associated with an image of sticky adhesive pastes and awkward chewing. But thanks to advances in modern dentistry, dentures nowadays look more natural, are more comfortable, and are more common than you think! While today’s conventional dentures for the most parts are still removable, there are many new denture options and devices that rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants.

Dr. Annabel Perez at Pines Dental Solutions brings a wealth of experience in the area of design and fitting of dentures of all types to her Pembroke Pines patients. She understands the importance of properly fitted dentures. That is why more and more patients are choosing Pembroke Pines Dental for implant-supported dentures to give them a dependable and durable alternative to dentures, dental bridges, and traditional dental implants.

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Anyone looking for a lasting and comfortable way to replace missing teeth needs to consider Implant Supported Dentures as a valuable solution. With implant-supported dentures, it is easier to eat your favorite meals and engage in normal daily activities when compared to conventional dentures. Implant-Supported Dentures don’t require adhesive pastes to stay secure in your mouth. You will no longer have to be concerned about your dentures coming loose or slipping out of place while eating, speaking, or engaging in high-impact activities because they will be secure regardless of what you do.

You often find that people that use conventional denture talk funny. In part, this is a mental fear of their dentures coming out and being embarrassed. With Implant-Supported Dentures, you will not only avoid unnecessary embarrassment, but it will also make life more comfortable. Those that use conventional dentures are quite familiar with gum irritation from the dentures rubbing against your gums. Well, that or adhesive pastes is something you will not have to worry about with our Implant-Supported Dentures.

If you and or you love one would like more information about advance options for dentures in Pembroke Pines, contact Dr. Annabel Perez at Pines Dental Solutions at (954) 947-2151 for a no-obligation, consultation on the best option for you!