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Need a General Dentists near Pembroke Pines?

When choosing the right dentist, you have to take into consideration more than just convenience. You should always educate yourself and research whatever procedure your dentist recommends, just so that you can make an informed decision before doing something that may not be reversible. Pembroke Pines Dental is what many would consider the new kids on the block. Nevertheless, you have no idea how many new patients are coming to us with complaints about this, that, and the other! When we ask, why did you go there? More often than not, the answer is convenience or he or she is just around the corner from our house. Here in our blog, we’ll try to address some of the most frequently asked dental questions and services. We invite you to be engaged by commenting about your experience and or send us a message if there is a topic of interest to you. Know that our blog is based on very broad opinions and may not apply to your particular case. No information on this website or any other website for that matter should be considered medical advice and, whenever in doubt, consulting a medical professional. Dr. Annabel Perez at Pines Dental Solutions is the dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL, families trust for a full range of dental services including general, cosmetic restoration, Invisalign, and more…

Choosing Between Tooth Bonding And Veneers: Deciding Which One Is Right For You

Today, there are different dental procedures one can opt for either dented or chipped tooth, and the most common procedures are tooth veneers and bonding. For quite some time, the choice between the two is a difficult one. Each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages, and if you're deciding which one to choose between the two, we will discuss the differences between the two. Taking care of your teeth is very important. Without your teeth being in its best condition, you won't be able to eat properly, you'll have a limited choice of foods because you [...]

Dental Procedures Can Be Done Painlessly With These Light Sedation Dentistry Options

Compared to other degrees of sedation, light sedation dentistry has fewer complications and is cheaper, which is why you're more likely to see it. It's an interesting dentistry form because you're not really awake, but you haven't been put into an induced sleep. It's a state of mental comfort and total relaxation without the ability to feel pain. The following three methods are ways that light sedation might be administered to you by your dentist on a future visit. Dental care and daily hygiene are necessary for our teeth to always stay clean and healthy. A trip to [...]

The Importance of Dental Sealants in Children

As a parent, you are highly invested in the health and well-being of your children. Your kid's dental health is an important part of their overall health and it should be given special care and attention. With that being said, dental sealants have become an essential part of any child's dental workup. Dental issues usually take months and years to develop and often lead to more serious complications. However, by ensuring that your children's teeth and dental hygiene are well taken care of early enough, you help ensure that they maintain great and healthy teeth well into adulthood. [...]

The Different Methods Of Straightening Teeth

Having crooked teeth isn't something that you should be ashamed of. Having teeth that aren't perfectly straight is very common. However, a lot of people do end up going through different teeth straightening treatments which allows them to perfect their smiles. Nowadays, various options can be used for teeth straightening. That wasn't the case just 20 years ago. When people think about teeth straightening, they generally think about braces. Braces were typically the main way people went with straightening their teeth. However, there are more options than ever before including using clear aligners that are just as (if [...]

Why Tooth Reshaping Might Be The Best Dental Procedure For You!

We are not perfect creatures and there are going to be times when your teeth are not as perfect as you hoped they would be. If these defects are making you uncomfortable in life and want to have them removed, there is a quick way in which it can be done with tooth reshaping procedures. Tooth shaping procedures are also known as tooth contouring procedures, make small changes to your teeth to help bring the shine back to them. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about a tooth reshaping procedure. Understanding Tooth [...]

Why Laser Dentistry Is Right For You

Beginning in the 1990s the laser became a trusted source for dentists around the nation. Laser dentistry is an incredible way to perform a number of dental procedures without any potential harm to the patient. In fact, lasers have been approved by the FDA as a practical and safe form of dental treatment, which has made it even more popular. Laser dentistry offers a number of other benefits when compared to traditional dentistry, due to the fact that lasers can be manipulated in a number of ways. This allows for a wide variety of dental procedures to be [...]

Things You Should Know About Dental Veneers

Dentists have a lot to work with when it comes to making over smiles and performing cosmetic dentistry. There are plenty of options available and dental veneers are one that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Teeth whitening is generally one of the most common procedures but it's not 100 percent dependable. Likewise, some people's situation calls for more than it is capable of offering. Some teeth that are deeply stained or even artificial might not even respond at all to whitening treatments. Luckily, you can get dental veneers that can give you a better smile no [...]

What Exactly Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

There continues to be a rapid rise in teeth whitening demand. Because of this, technology has continued to rise along with it. Now, we have innovative teeth whitening solutions like Zoom teeth whitening. If you are looking to get a whiter and brighter smile in a little time, you are likely going to want to give it a look. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and getting a whiter smile that you can be proud of is one of the best ways to do just that. A lot of the things that we consume can stain our [...]

The Benefits Of Dental Fitted Mouthguards and Similar Devices

There are a lot of different mouthguard types that are available to choose from. However, there is no question that dental fitted mouthguards are the best option. Mouthguards can be used for a variety of use-cases. That is why it is important to weigh your options to figure out which one meets your needs the most. Dr. Shaggy has a lot of experience and training that will ensure you can get the mouthguard that suits your needs the best. Mouthguards allow you to effectively protect your teeth while you are doing different activities. There are a lot of [...]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Things You Should Know

Wisdom tooth removal is considered to be one of the most common types of dental extractions performed all over the world. This is because people don't want to wait for their wisdom teeth to erupt and cause them pain. In general, people in their twenties start to experience their wisdom tooth erupting, but it may also come out at any age. In layman's terms, wisdom teeth are also referred to as our third molars. Once all the wisdom teeth emerge, 2 each on the upper and lower part, there might not be enough room for the third molars [...]

What You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dentist Insurance

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are expensive. Likewise, a lot of them aren't even covered by normal insurance packages. Because of this, you should be looking into getting some form of cosmetic dentist insurance. Below, you will learn about everything you need to know when it comes to this type of insurance. Regardless of how much upkeep you do on your dental hygiene, your smile will eventually wear done. Whether it's chipping in your teeth or other imperfections, these things can ruin your smile and confidence. Luckily, there is plenty that can be done about it. There are numerous [...]

Top Things To Know About Invisalign Braces

A lot of people know Invisalign braces to be aligners. These aligners are one of the newer and better ways to straighten teeth. With aligners, there is no need for unsightly braces. There are constantly new alternatives being pumped out when it comes to teeth straightening treatments. While braces were a good start, there had to be something better. These aligners have presented a much better case than braces for various reasons. As with any innovation, you must discover first whether or not they are as effective as the older method. If aligners didn't showcase as good of [...]