Is There Even An Alternative To Invisalign?

A lot of teeth straightening treatments can be very important for improving dental health and hygiene. The sooner the treatment begins, the better off you will be. Both traditional braces and Invisalign are very popular options for many. However, Invisalign can be very expensive which turns many away to look for cheaper alternatives.

You should never have to compromise in your mission to straighten your teeth. As someone who is in need of this treatment, knowing your options is key. You have a variety of treatments to choose from including traditional braces, Invisalign, and even products that directly compete with Invisalign including Clear Correct and Candid. By knowing the deal with these treatments, you should be able to figure out which one to select.

Traditional Braces vs Clear Aligners

In the past, traditional braces were always seen as the preferred method for straightening teeth. However, not long ago, Invisalign came along and changed the game. The biggest goal and the thing that Invisalign was able to accomplish is avoiding the major or minor complications and side effects of traditional braces while producing just as effective (if not better) results.

The primary issues that come with traditional braces are both cosmetic and discomfort. Because traditional braces are made up of metal wiring and brackets, they can cause irritation along the gums and even in other areas of the mouth. This can cause a lot of issues from minor tissue trauma to harsh discomfort. With clear aligners, these issues can be completely avoided.

Not only are clear aligners completely invisible which makes them unnoticeable, but no one will be able to tell you to have anything on your teeth at all. Along with this, they are not going to cause major or even minor irritation in your mouth because they have a smooth texture. Lastly, they come with the benefit of being able to take them off when you are eating for better oral hygiene throughout the course of treatment. You will even be able to clean the aligners regularly to ensure you aren’t putting bacteria-filled aligners on your teeth and gums.

Invisalign is easily the most popular treatment out there. However, with its popularity and brand recognition comes a higher cost. This is why a lot of people are seeking more affordable solutions.

What Are Good Alternatives?

Candid is one of the most popular Invisalign alternatives. They offer clear aligners that are very much comparable to what you get with Invisalign, but at a reduced price. Clear Correct is another alternative that you could go with. Clear Correct aligners actually have the slight advantage of being thinner which leads to them being less noticeable. However, with thinner aligners comes more accidental breakage.

Clear Correct also doesn’t come with a lot of the tools that you would get with Invisalign. It also happens to use older plastic materials that Invisalign has since moved on from. Invisalign uses a much more comfortable and durable material. The choice really comes down to figuring out how much you are willing to pay and whether or not your insurance company will cover any of it.

When you are looking to straighten out your teeth, you want to figure out which treatment is right for you. Straightening your teeth at a younger age is recommended because you will have much more flexible teeth and dental arches which means they will respond better to treatment.