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Need a General Dentists near Pembroke Pines?

When choosing the right dentist, you have to take into consideration more than just convenience. You should always educate yourself and research whatever procedure your dentist recommends, just so that you can make an informed decision before doing something that may not be reversible. Pembroke Pines Dental is what many would consider the new kids on the block. Nevertheless, you have no idea how many new patients are coming to us with complaints about this, that, and the other! When we ask, why did you go there? More often than not, the answer is convenience or he or she is just around the corner from our house. Here in our blog, we’ll try to address some of the most frequently asked dental questions and services. We invite you to be engaged by commenting about your experience and or send us a message if there is a topic of interest to you. Know that our blog is based on very broad opinions and may not apply to your particular case. No information on this website or any other website for that matter should be considered medical advice and, whenever in doubt, consulting a medical professional. Dr. Annabel Perez at Pines Dental Solutions is the dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL, families trust for a full range of dental services including general, cosmetic restoration, Invisalign, and more…

Top Three Popular Dental Restoration Methods

The need for replacing or restoring missing teeth can never be underrated. Dental restoration is the process of replacing missing teeth or mitigating existing damage to prevent tooth loss. Restoring or replacing the teeth can be done in various ways with bridges, implants, and dentures being the most prominent options. When one or more teeth go missing in a row, gaps start forming and the person can have impaired speck or trouble chewing hard foods. Dr. Perez recommends prompt dental replacement for many of her patients. 1. Dental Implants Dental implants that the latest and highly effective replacement [...]

The Pros And Cons Of Dental Bridges

If you have one or two missing teeth, dental bridges can offer an affordable tooth replacement option that will help you regain your smile. And while the restorative dentistry procedure is one of the best ways to replace missing teeth, several other options that are quite effective in attaining the same goal exist. That's why you need to take the time to consider the pros and cons of the procedure to determine if it’s what you need. Dental Bridges: What are They? Dental bridges consist of two crowns placed on implants or abutment teeth on either side of [...]

Useful Facts Concerning Root Canals

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, are the procedures to which most people are referring when they say "root canal." These techniques are used when a tooth's pulp, or the part that contains key blood vessels and nerves, becomes infected. Pulp also contains essential connective tissue, and even though it is typically well-protected, it can be vulnerable to infection at times. Certain symptoms serve as indicators of pulp or root canal infection. Once a dentist conducts a full patient assessment, a management plan will be discussed and initiated as soon as possible. Diagnostic Process A dentist will listen to [...]

Dental Bonding 101: What You Need To Know

Dental bonding is a less known term among many people that come to Dr. Perez seeking treatment. It could be attributed to the popularity of other procedures, such as teeth whitening and fillings. Perhaps they are not as popular because a chipped or cracked tooth is less common compared to dental cavities. However, dental bonding is a common procedure and it does offer numerous benefits. The dentist starts with examining your teeth to determine if you have any issues, like cavities, before recommending dental bonding. If you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, Dr. Perez will take [...]

The Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There are many cosmetic procedures that can enhance the appearance of your teeth. If this is something you're interested in, Dr. Perez will be able to provide you with the assistance that you need. From veneers to crowns to teeth whitening, you'll be able to transform your smile and have teeth that you want to show off. Your teeth can have an impact on your self-confidence. If you have crooked teeth, a missing tooth, or issues with yellowing, you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to correct the problem. It's normal to want a great looking smile. When you [...]

What Are the Differences Between Orthodontics and Dentistry?

It's common to see advertisements for dentistry and orthodontic services side by side. This sometimes leads to confusion. Even though these fields have a lot in common, the area of focus is different. Your overall health and well-being is influenced by your dental health. If your teeth are in bad shape, it won't just have a negative impact on the way you look. It can also lead to health issues. You may have to deal with painful toothaches from time to time. You could have trouble consuming hot or cold beverages. To avoid these kinds of problems, you'll [...]

All About Dental Implants

Tooth loss is something that happens to many people, and it has many causes. Whether people have lost teeth because of dental problems, an accident, or because they're elderly, people often want a way to replace the teeth that they've lost. Dr. Perez offers many options for people that want to replace lost teeth. With dental implants or other solutions, it's possible for people to maintain a healthy-looking smile after tooth loss. For a long time, bridges were the best solution for people that had lost teeth. However, now that dental implants are available, people that have lost [...]

Experiencing Comfort with Painless Dentistry & Implants

Every dentist should make painless dentistry & implants a key priority. People associating the dentist's office with pain and discomfort is one of the top reasons for noncompliance. The more people avoid visiting the dentist, the higher the risk of suffering from dental problems. This article aims to take a look at some of the most common dental procedures, then discuss how they can be handled to provide painless dentistry and implants to patients. Dental practices provide patients with different types of services and procedures every day. Discomfort can be avoided using the available anesthetic and sedative tools. [...]

Why You Should Get Dental Implant Care And Maintenance From A Cosmetic Dentist

Are you currently looking for a dental implant specialist, specifically a cosmetic dentist that can help you? This is a great way to replace missing teeth that you may have. These are often preferred over dentures for those that are able to do this, specifically because your job own will act as an anchor. When they use the titanium screw that will be in the jaw bone, they will then affix the crown on the top of that. These are excellent because of how realistic your teeth will look. They should last a lifetime. It is also important [...]

The Role And Training Of A Periodontics Dentist

It is important to maintain the health of your teeth, and part of this may involve taking care of your gums. There is the possibility that you can develop periodontitis which can be a condition that a periodontics dentist can help you with. These are professionals that are very well known in the dentistry profession. People that have a regular dentist will likely have seen one. It is important to see one of these professionals just as it is with a regular dentist. The role of the regular dentist is to maintain the health of your teeth, whereas [...]

The Most Common Types of Periodontal Therapy

You need to practice good dental hygiene every day. You also need to visit your dentist a few times each year for a checkup and a cleaning. When you are there, your dentist will let you know how your dental health is and if there are any issues such as cavities or gum disease. If your dentist spots areas in the mouth around the teeth that are deteriorating you will be advised how to handle this problem. Tissues that deteriorate around the mouth are a sure sign that you need periodontal therapy. Periodontal Therapy Explained The disease periodontitis [...]

When Is It Time For A Periodontic Treatment?

One of the most serious dental issues Americans face in the world today is that of periodontitis. It is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and it is only resolved by periodontic treatments or periodontic surgery. This depends on how severe the issue has become. The sooner the disease is dealt with, the easier it is to resolve. Periodontitis is the worst stage of this oral disease. When it is caught early the treatments are simple and less expensive. The sooner you know when it is time for a periodontic treatment, the easier it will be [...]