The Benefits Of Dental Fitted Mouthguards and Similar Devices

There are a lot of different mouthguard types that are available to choose from. However, there is no question that dental fitted mouthguards are the best option. Mouthguards can be used for a variety of use-cases. That is why it is important to weigh your options to figure out which one meets your needs the most. Dr. Shaggy has a lot of experience and training that will ensure you can get the mouthguard that suits your needs the best.

Mouthguards allow you to effectively protect your teeth while you are doing different activities. There are a lot of devices that are similar to mouthguard as well that will help with certain conditions like sleep apnea. The three primary types of mouthguards you will find available are boil and bite, stock, and dental fitted mouthguards.

Different Types:

As mentioned, there are three primary types of mouthguards you will find available. The stock ones are the mouthguards that you will be able to find either online or at a brick and mortar location. These mouthguards usually come bulky and in varying sizes. They aren’t meant for precision.

Whereas, boil and bite mouthguard is supposed to be a good middle ground between stock and dental fitted. As the name suggests, these work by placing the mouthguard in boiling water. Once you remove it, you are meant to bite on it. That way, it will effectively take the shape of your teeth and your mouth. However, you must wait for the mouthguard to cool down before putting it in your mouth and biting into it.

Dental fitted mouthguards are meant for precision and they are crafted at the dentist’s office. The dentist will take a precise measurement of your teeth and they will be sending the results off to a lab to get it custom made. You will be able to pick up the final result after the lab sends the created mouthguard back. These are made with such accuracy and precision that they will deliver the best wearing experience. While these are certainly more expensive, they are very much worth it.

Uses Of Mouthguards

1. Sports

One of the main reasons a lot of people end up getting and using a mouthguard is to protect their teeth during physical sports. This can include everything from baseball to football and even basketball. Any sport that has contact is likely beneficial to wear mouthguards in. Unfortunately, using a nonprecise mouthguard in a [physical and active sport is likely to result in breathing difficulties. Whereas, if you get it fitted precisely, they can be made to avoid obstructing your breathing and it can help to protect your teeth as well as possible.

2. Grinding

Another reason a lot of people wear mouthguards is that they grind their teeth in the day, at night, or throughout the day and night. By wearing the mouthguard at night, it can make it much easier to sleep without the negative effects of teeth grinding. Wearing one that isn’t precise in measurements can result in difficulty breathing. With a precisely cut mouthguard, it can deliver much better breathing.

3. Sleep Apnea

Another reason a lot of people wear mouth guard like products is to help with sleep disorders like sleep apnea. These appliances are meant to keep both the tongue and the jaw positioned forward. That way, the airways aren’t blocked. These devices need to be custom made to help the patient sleep without discomfort or blockages.

Are you looking to get yourself a dental mouthguard for sports or even for teeth grinding? If so, you will want to opt for dental fitted mouthguards for the best fit, performance, and quality. You will certainly notice the difference it makes in comfort.