The Different Methods Of Straightening Teeth

Having crooked teeth isn’t something that you should be ashamed of. Having teeth that aren’t perfectly straight is very common. However, a lot of people do end up going through different teeth straightening treatments which allows them to perfect their smiles. Nowadays, various options can be used for teeth straightening. That wasn’t the case just 20 years ago.

When people think about teeth straightening, they generally think about braces. Braces were typically the main way people went with straightening their teeth. However, there are more options than ever before including using clear aligners that are just as (if not more) effective at straightening teeth.

Various Options For Straightening Teeth

Before going through the different options available, it should be noted why straightening your teeth is so important. Not only does it alter the aesthetics, but it puts your teeth in a better position to keep them healthy. After all, having crooked teeth can result in poor dental hygiene because your teeth will be more vulnerable to decay and infection. When your teeth aren’t straight, there is more surface area where bacteria and plaque can hide. Along with this, it could lead to generating too much pressure on certain areas of your teeth. Traditional braces are one of the most popular methods for solving crooked teeth mostly because they have been around for such a long time. One thing they aren’t is desirable. Braces not only have poor aesthetics, but they can be a pain to live with. One of the issues is the fact they are made of metal. Therefore, they can irritate the gums and cheek tissue very easily.

Clear aligners are made of a special type of plastic that gives it a much smoother feel. Best of all, it offers all of the benefits of braces without any of the side effects. Invisalign is the leader in aligner technology. Other brands are doing the same things and they all work in much of the same way. They work by shifting teeth through the aligner positioning. The majority of them are made up of high-quality plastic and they are meant to be transparent.

Because the aligners are made up of clear plastic, they have smooth edges. Therefore, they don’t end up causing issues with gum irritation like traditional braces. Aligners are also easy to remove which means you will be able to adjust them whenever needed and remove them to eat, drink, brush, and floss. You will also be able to clean them. Nowadays, you will find a compliance indicator on a lot of the aligners which can give parents the ability to check up on their child’s performance with the aligners.

When it comes to traditional braces, it is very different. Once they are put on, they are set there for a specific period. Aligners are going to require new sets periodically. A patient may use an aligner for a week or two and then switch to a new tray. However, both of them are capable of moving teeth into an optimal spot. Aligners are generally more expensive than braces because of the technology crammed into the treatment. That being said, the benefits they come with are more than worth it for many. Regardless of what you choose, straightening your teeth can result in dramatic improvements to your oral health.