Things To Look For In A Good Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

Have you always wanted a beautiful smile like the ones you see in movies? Perhaps it’s time to visit a cosmetic dentistry specialist. Dr. Annabel Perez at Pembroke Pines Dental is one of these specialists who can improve your smile through advanced dental procedures. Unlike many dentists who can only perform regular treatments, Dr. Perez has the training, the knowledge, and the experience required to provide state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services.

The way our teeth look has a major impact on our lives. A beautiful smile can make the difference between being hesitant and insecure, and being self-confident and outgoing. There are many different cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments that can help you enjoy a brighter and more beautiful smile.

What A Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist Can Do For You

A cosmetic dentistry specialist causes a wide array of tools and techniques to fix your teeth or to enhance your smile. Having cosmetic dentistry is often a voluntary choice of the patient. Unlike tooth infections that may have a negative impact on your health, yellowish teeth won’t cause you any harm. However, if you’re keen on improving your smile, you may choose to undergo teeth whitening to get rid of those unsightly stains. This is only one of the treatments Dr. Perez can perform. Whitening is a simple procedure and it may require one or several visits to complete.

When it comes to fixing crooked, chipped, or broken teeth, bonding, and ceramic veneers are the treatments of choice. Bonding involves using composite resin to fix teeth and to remove gaps between them. Veneers, on the contrary, are simple ceramic shells that are used to cover your teeth. Both procedures are permanent. Once you get either bonding or veneers, you’ll need to pay more attention to what you eat, as they aren’t as durable as natural teeth. Biting on hard foods can damage the resin or break the veneers.

A better smile is only one of the benefits of replacing missing teeth. A missing front tooth will ruin your smile. A missing hind tooth might also affect your smile in the long run, as your other teeth will migrate to fill the large gap created by the missing tooth.

There are several procedures to address these gaps. Implants, bridges, and dentures are the most common of them. Implants are by far the most sought-after and they are considered fairly new in this industry. A dental implant consists of a titanium screw fixated directly into the jawbone and an artificial tooth attached to this screw. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that gets attached to the two healthy teeth neighboring the gap. Dentures are the only removable solution.

Choosing the right treatment is a challenge. Dr. Annabel Perez at Pembroke Pines Dental will accompany you throughout this process, in order to ensure you get the solution that’s best for you. The job of a cosmetic dentistry specialist is to assess your teeth, to recommend the right solutions, but also to assist you in analyzing your options to make an informed choice. Contact us now to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.