When Is It Time For A Periodontic Treatment?

One of the most serious dental issues Americans face in the world today is that of periodontitis. It is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and it is only resolved by periodontic treatments or periodontic surgery. This depends on how severe the issue has become. The sooner the disease is dealt with, the easier it is to resolve.

Periodontitis is the worst stage of this oral disease. When it is caught early the treatments are simple and less expensive. The sooner you know when it is time for a periodontic treatment, the easier it will be to eradicate. These are the four signs to look for. If you have them, contact your dentist for an appointment right away. They can refer you to a periodontist for help.

Swollen Gums

Gums should be pink and should be thin, laying flat against the teeth. If the gums are swollen and red, it is a sure sign that periodontitis has begun. The more swollen and red they are the worse the disease has become so always get to a dentist the moment you realize your gums are swollen. They will discuss a course of treatment for you.

Bad Breath

If you cannot eliminate bad breath by brushing your teeth or using mouthwash regularly, it could be that periodontitis is to blame. Bacteria that have adhered to the teeth cause plaque. This then causes you to have bad breath. Plaque is another issue to discuss with your dentist.

Receding Gums

If the gums have begun to pull away from the teeth, it means that the disease has taken over. The gum tissue has become impacted by the bacteria and by the disease of periodontitis itself. The next thing to occur is tooth loss so get to a dentist for help immediately if you notice your teeth are loose and that the gums are receding. The sooner the disease is treated, the less invasive and expensive the treatment will be.


If you encounter regular toothaches, this is almost a sure sign that the disease has reached a severe point. Toothaches and pain are common symptoms of severe disease. This is because the bacteria have invaded the roots of the teeth because the gums are not able to protect them. If you don’t meet with your dentist soon you will almost certainly experience complete tooth loss and greater, more consistent pain.

Treat The Disease Effectively

You can still experience recovery from this tooth disease even if it has reached a severe point. However, the sooner you have it diagnosed and treated the less pain you will endure and the less invasive and expensive the treatment options will be.

Your dentist is the first point of contact. After meeting and discussing your symptoms with them you can then be referred to a periodontist. They will assess your disease and offer effective treatments that may allow you to avoid dental surgery. Book your appointment with us in Pembroke Pines today!